Who we are

We proudly serve the surrounding communities of Park Slope, Clinton Hills, Flatbush, Crown Heights, East New York, Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn. Our teachers have valid NYC Teaching/Training credentials and we provide tutoring and coaching for all academic subjects such as English, Math, Science, and History.  We also provide college test prep classes for high school ages.

Our primary goal is to make sure that each child reaches his or her highest potential. We provide academic coaching and exceed beyond tutoring to ensure that each child becomes a lifelong learner. We want each scholar college and career ready. We customize your child’s learning program by using a basic diagnostic test. Every individual program develops all aspects of learning including organization, self-esteem, behavior modification, problem solving, study skills, test taking skills, and time management.

Diagnostic Assessment

Jump-In assesses every child with a basic diagnostic assessment. We use the results of the assessment to customize your child’s learning program for maximum results. The assessment includes screening for academic knowledge in areas such as reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, and mathematics.

K-1st Grade

For our youngest learners, we focus on early literacy skills including reading, phonics, number sense, printing, and fine motor skills. Our environment is warm and caring and we work to ensure that every child develops an active and curious mind - along with an eagerness to learn.

Grades 2-3

Designed for students in grades two and three, Beginning Scholars focus On Reading, Writing, Math, Study Skills, and Organization. We work with students to develop sound work habits, study skills, and organization. Since reading, writing and mathematics are emerging skills at this level, each child will have a customized academic program tailored to his or her needs based upon the results of our diagnostic assessment.

Grades 4-6

As students move into the upper elementary grades, they will be required to utilize higher order thinking skills. Reading critically and thinking mathematically have become essential for academic success as students’ progress through the Common Core State Standards. This program focuses on all academic areas and the further development of study skills, test taking strategies, and organization. Each child will have a customized academic program tailored to his or her needs based upon the results of our extensive diagnostic assessment.

Grades 7-8

Transitioning from having one teacher to managing several different teachers can be a challenge for most adolescents. The Common Core State Standards continue to make even more demands on children in this age group. The Advanced Intermediate Scholars program not only targets the content areas such as English, Math, Science and History, but also focuses specifically on test-taking strategies for each subject. There is also a focus on organization and planning for projects and long-term assignments. Each child will have a customized academic program tailored to his or her needs based upon the results of our diagnostic assessment.

Grades 9-12

College and Career Readiness is the main focus for our Advanced Scholars program. The Common Core State Standards have reached their most demanding requirements throughout the high school years. Students may require specific subject guidance in certain content areas such as English, Math, Chemistry and Physics. Our instructors support all academic subject areas including more advanced classes like AP History, AP Chemistry and other advanced coursework. In addition to subject matter competency, Jump-In focuses on thinking and learning strategies, academic organization, test-taking practices, and building student confidence in all academic subjects.


Standardized examinations such as the SAT, ACT and AP subject matter competency are important for entrance into colleges and other institutions. We offer individualized and group (2-1) preparation in these areas. To customize our approach, we use a diagnostic assessment to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition to test prep, we also offer college admissions coaching to assist those who desire to prepare their college resume for institutions of higher learning.


The mission of Jump-In's Saturday Academy is to partner with parents and students in achieving academic excellence, while providing the best academic support. We hope to inspire and empower each scholar to be the best version of themselves.